Parent Testimonals

I can’t tell you how much my daughter has enjoyed Nicola’s workshops.

She is a very shy child that finds social situations very difficult, so when I say that she didn’t miss one session and she was ready every Saturday waiting to go, it tells me a lot, it says she enjoyed being there and over the weeks she has learnt so much about herself. Nicola made her feel at ease and able to join in.

I think this is a wonderful thing that Nicola is offering and would recommend it to anyone.

- Louise Reddington

My daughter was suffering from low self-esteem and was finding teenage friends difficult. This course really helped her. She learned how to think more positively, she made some new friends and she looked forward to it every week. it's not that easy to get a teenager out of bed on a Saturday morning but this course really motivated her and Leamington is a lovely town to mooch around if you are a parent who doesn't live locally. My daughter especially loved making her journal, her den and her mood board."

Maddy says "Nicola is easy to talk to and really cares".

- Jane Harman

Group Workshops

The sessions have all been so eye-opening. I have really benefitted and gained more self-awareness. They have fully engaged me every time. I think everyone needs this in their life. - Izzy, aged 13

Upcoming Workshops

year six girls

Saturday's 10am-12pm
4th Jan to 22nd Feb
8 workshops. Materials and light snacks included.

For girls aged 11-13 years

Saturdays at 10am-12pm, Leamington Spa
2nd Nov to 21st Dec
8 workshops. Materials and light snacks included.

These group workshops for teen girls provide a safe, secure environment in which your daughter can rediscover her enjoyment of life.

No lectures, just love and a compassionate patient atmosphere where she can share quality time and make friends.

I wanted to do something to help girls build confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem. Most importantly, I believe they are suffering from disconnection; they are becoming more and more divided, cynical and competitive. I can see this is making them very troubled, so my passion was to open up group workshops around general happiness and wellbeing, with a plan to provide tools to help them cope.

In today's society, girls are increasingly anxious and critical about themselves and their friends. On a day to day basis, many are feeling hopeless, lonely and insecure, afraid to speak out in case of being ridiculed or judged. They are trying so hard to 'fit in' that they are going against their values. It is leaving them very unhappy and can lead to isolation and depression.

I invite girls to join me on a journey of positive empowerment through a real experience of group connection. After being in this group, they will understand that they are not alone and will have a toolbox to carry with them throughout their life.

During eight weeks, we will cover:

  • Keeping myself on track.
  • Self-evaluation. How I measure myself
  • The power of thoughts. Reversing the negative self-talk and making it positive
  • Understanding and coping with stress and anxiety.
  • Fixed mindset or, growth mindset
  • Staying calm, breathing exercises and meditation
  • The power of positive affirmations
  • Empathy and kindness
  • Better connections at home and with friends
  • Gratitude and why it matters
  • Healthy relationships
  • Navigating social media. Keeping safe online
  • Facing my fears.
  • Making goals and sticking to them.