From the girls

I get a sense of community going to these workshops and a feeling that I am not alone. I really enjoy the creative aspect of it all.
- Anoymous
I know I shouldn't worry about things. This has taught me how to find ways for clearing my mind and destressing. I now know how to help myself.
- Amelia
It's a great place to come every week. It boosts your confidence. Nicola tells you ways to help with anxiety and stress. There are loads of creative things you get to do.Going on this course will help you deal with the hard things of being a pre-teen or teenage girl.
- Evie
This group and these people have really helped me expand my mind frame and ideas. I have come out of my shell. What we do here makes me feel awesome about myself. Allowing me to develop skills for later life. I feel free to speak and put my hand up.
- Poppy
I like all the people I meet. I like the chance to be myself without any pressure. I have learnt how to be brave, how to calm myself in distressing situations and how to make others happy.

Nicola will help many people through many things. Thank you

I like the fact that you meet really good people here and it's a really nice way of boosting your confidence. I am learning a lot about being grateful for your family and friends. It's really fun.

- Maddie
Coming here means I'm relaxed and confident in myself throughout the week

- Jess
I'm learning different ways to work with anxiety, life and my feelings

Whenever I come here I feel like I can express myself and be me. The atmosphere is relaxing and I've really channelled my creative side. Nicola is very supporting and understanding and I am so glad That I am coming here


From the parents

My 12 year-old daughter thoroughly enjoyed the 8-week course. I signed her up for it to help her learn some coping skills, tips and techniques, anything which would help her navigate the early months of secondary school. She loved it and was very keen to bring along her journal every week. I had the utmost trust in Nicola: she is a lovely woman and the sessions had a very warm and caring feel to them - definitely a very safe space for the girls. I wish I had found this course sooner. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. -Anonymous mum

I cannot recommend this lady enough, for how she has helped Mollie is amazing!! Nicola has given Mollie so many tools to help in the future, when things get tough..... Couldn’t ask for more.....

-Katy Biggs

Seeing my daughter struggle with anxiety and negative thoughts has been tough.  Not to mention drying the tears caused by friends and social media...

But what a difference a few weeks meeting with Nicola has made!  She is up and eager to get to group on a Saturday morning.  She enjoys working on her journal, and is always adding little bits to it.  She is starting to understand how important caring for herself and being herself is.  When the tough moments hit, she handles it much more positively, using the methods learned.  

Nicola gives the girls a relaxed and safe environment to be themselves while giving them tools to become strong, confident and happy young women.  I would highly recommend her empowerment course for any young lady struggling with the stress of being a teenager.  

-Anonymous, very happy mum

My daughter has been going to Nicola’s group for nearly 5 weeks. The first week she started she was very clingy and upset about meeting new people. By the time anxious mommy went Back two hours later, I peeped through the door to my daughter so happy and content, it brought tears too my eyes. My daughter has had a rough few months with a lot to deal with and finds making and keeping friends hard. She has dealt with bullying and low self esteem , has no confidence and hates the way she looks. Being at this group, I have seen my daughter coming back to her old self. She has a bit more confidence, still a long way to go but, such an amazing group. 

Nicola sets the girls up with tools to cope. Each week different challenges, it’s amazing. I never thought I would see my daughter look forward to anything again but, she loves her Saturday morning meets and will definitely be attending again if Nicola sets up a meet for them.  Thanks again for all your help so far and your constant support through emails etc. I would highly recommend

-Nicky Baldwin