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Girls lets take it to the next level!

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Girls these days can be exceptionally competitive and nasty. They are investing so much time into trying to look good, feel good, be excepted into the crowd and be cool. With all this negative energy being used up every day, girls are giving up on their inner values and dreams and becoming depressed, unmotivated and falling before their life has even started.

Unquestionably the time has come to shift awareness and stop playing into the hands of this great force of negativity. Girls need to turn all of this on its head and say. NO MORE!

They need to turn this around and be supportive, be kind, be loving and compassionate. They need to rebuild relationships with their friends and start to help each other. They need to recognise that they are all different, and that's what makes them unique.

They all have their very own individual strengths and 'together' they can change the world.

If they take all the negative energy, they are squandering and turn it 190 degrees to be positive and supportive of each other, imagine what a world they could create. Imagine the rippling effect it can have.

It is time for them to build bonds. Unbreakable bonds. They need to develop Connections that unite not only themselves to their friends but also to their families. It is time to start Looking at this from a different perspective, and make the changes to create a feeling where they wake up daily, wanting to get out of bed.

School should be a place where they have a sence of security. So that they can get on with their work and feel the loving support of all their fellow sisters behind them.

Close your eyes and imagine a world where girls are united, where there is no room for judgement. Where they are excepted for who they are.

Not judged by the colour of their skin or, by what they are wearing, spots on their face, weight, etc. etc. In this space, imagine what it would feel like to know that everyone has your back.

In this place, making mistakes is a learning curve and not something to be ridiculed — a place where someone steps in to help you with your lesson. Someone Carries your books. Offers a supportive hand, Lunchtimes are fueled with laughter, and all of that bitching and banter is gone and replaced with exciting conversations that are creative, dynamic and enhancing. In this place, girls are inclusive. In this place, there is trust, respect and most of all, fun.

When both respect and trust are in hand, a powerful bond of real love can manifest. Actual, long-lasting friendships can occur. Because finally, everyone cares as much about the others as they do about themselves.

Isn't it time to make this happen? Girls, you know you have the power to change all of this. Turn it around. Let us do it! Together!