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Moving from Year Six to Year Seven

Moving from Primary school to Secondary school can often have a significant impact on our girl's lives. The first three years can be particularly challenging. It is usually a time of extreme stress. A time when girls are trying to find themselves, Work out who they are and how they will fit in. This is a time when girls may stop asking or, listening to their parents advise. Which leaves them open to their peers who, do not have the maturity to offer sound advise.

To top of this, they are finding their way around new surroundings and coming to terms with a heavier workload.

Girls are particularly sensitive to their looks, their bodies. They want to be seen as 'cool' and often want to be in the 'in' crowd. Being 'liked' and getting 'likes' is so vital to them. Their hormones are changing, which leads them to become over-reactive and often very emotional.

Hanging on to old friends and making way for new ones can be a battleground for their self-esteem and self-confidence. It is a time when girls are maturing becoming much more independent and want to feel grown up and in control. But, for some, this can be a time when they feel disconnected, out of place, and very alone. It can be a time when girls will make unwanted choices so that they can feel a part of the crowd. It is a time of conflict which inevitably creates confusion.

If you are interested in these workshops, please contact nicola@nicolalocke.com

During eight weeks, we will cover:

  • The value of friends.
  • Being myself, why it is important
  • Self-evaluation. How I measure myself
  • The power of thoughts. Reversing the negative self-talk and making it positive
  • Understanding and coping with stress and anxiety.
  • Staying calm with breathing exercises and meditation
  • The power of positive affirmations
  • Empathy and kindness
  • Better connections at home, listening to the ones we love
  • Gratitude and why it matters
  • Healthy relationships, looking after me
  • Navigating social media. Keeping safe online
  • Facing my fears.