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One to One

When girls are insecure and self-doubting, they look for ways of becoming noticed and likeable. With the added negative influence of social media, they often find themselves on a downward spiral that feels too overwhelming for them to sort out. At this crucial age, they do not turn to their parents. They turn to their peers, who are not mature or knowledgable enough to help solve their problems. With lack of parental support they are left feeling vunarable.

Quite often, their perspective is blurred, taking them away from their primary goals and distorting their inner values and needs.

In one to one, girls have a chance to talk openly and privately. When girls are carrying a burdern what they need, is someone to help them put things into perspective. Someone who can help motivate them back into a place of self-confidence. The tools I use will enable them to take back control and help them to look at the bigger picture.

I am providing life tools to help your daughter create coping skills and better self-awareness, Things that can be pulled out of the bag at any given time. Powerful tools, which will give her stregnth and security. Giving her a broader perspective on her journey into the adult world. Having these tools in hand will help her make changes that may save her from a lifetime of regret.

One to one can take palce in person,online,telephone or through email. Which ever way feels more comfortable.